Kansas City - 04.02.16/04.07.16

It's hard to think that I haven't had a real vacation from work since last September, when I went to Southern California. Yes, I could choose to go to a tropical island or somewhere more typically "vacation-y," but it's nice to return to my roots and take a little break in the Midwest.

So, I flew to Kansas City for a few days of relaxation & catching up with old friends and their assorted ages of children. (Yup, it's that time when all my friends are married and/or having kids.) I spent some time trying out some new places to eat in KC, but had to grab some KC BBQ (Oklahoma Joe's), a Runza and a few of my old favorites from over a decade ago, when I lived here.

While I was in town, I stayed with my friend, Charity & her husband, Grant in Overland Park, made an excursion to Target, enjoyed the time driving around in my little red rental car and met up with many friends. My friend, Christian, drove into KC from St. Louis with his husband, Aidan, and their son, Alexander; so, naturally we had to get brunch at Big Biscuit and indulge in all our old eating habits.

I finally got the chance to see The Martian, after reading the book and caught up with one of my closest college friends, Brad; had lunch with an old co-worker, Kristen, met up with my cousin, Katie & her 3 month old son, River and wrapped up the trip with high school friends, Katie & Nate at a new restaurant.

In between, I managed to get to the Kemper Contemporary Art Museum and the Nelson-Atkins Museum (I never can resist those Oldenburg shuttlecock sculptures). I also swung by the new Madewell on the Country Club Plaza and walked through the Urban Outfitters where I spent the majority of my time working in 2005-2007.