Vulture Festival - 05.20.17/05.21.17

Yes, I was back at New York Magazine's Vulture Festival for this year! However, this year was slightly marred by too many panels that I wanted to attend all being at the same time and an out-of-town guest that didn't buy his tickets in time! I still managed to make it to five panels this year, but was still missing out on that theatre/Broadway element that they have had for the last few years.

Day One - Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Saturday Morning Cartoons

The usual Animated Voices panel was re-named this year, but still featured most of the cast of Archer and a few other quests. Highlights for me were Aisha Tyler and Jessica Walter. I think the best scene this year was the episode of Sex and the City, where all the girls are gathered in the back of a cab, as Charlotte contemplates "up the butt" sex with her current boyfriend. The scene already plays out hilariously in the show, but the element of cartoony voices only took it to another level!

They also played up the episode of Friends with the game show, in which Joey & Chandler win Monica & Rachel's apartment via Lightning Round and not knowing the actual name of Chandler's job. A classically funny scene, but even better with Bob's BurgersArcher and other cartoon voices.


In Conversation: Aziz Ansari

I might have spoiled a few things about the second season of Master of None for myself at this panel, but that's what I got for not watching the season before the Vulture Festival. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Aziz talk about the making of the second season, why it took so long, the analysis of his soul-mate like relationship with Francesca and how he even learned Italian and how to make pasta. 

The audience seemed a little disappointed that he didn't have an answer for season three of the show, but after all, it took him over a year to make and develop season two. I guess we can't help it if the audience binges it all at once and wants more right away.

Day Two - Sunday, May 21st, 2017

In Conversation: Neil Patrick Harris

At this point, I should count myself lucky with the number of times that I've been able to be in the same space as NPH. Who would have guessed that one day I would get to see him in person, after having a Doogie Howser, MD poster hung up on my closet door in the 90's!? 

NPH came to Vulture Festival to promote A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix, which since I haven't watched it, meant less to me. I did love that they showed some of his earlier work; including a funny shower scene from Doogie and one of his Tony Award opening numbers. It was a lot of fun getting ot hear his side of each filming and what was challenging or amusing about having Max Casella film him in only a towel or developing the closing award number as the show went on.

Then we all got a special treat as he called his husband, David Burtka, on FaceTime and we got a chance to see hin talk to his kids and David right on the stage! 

In Conversation: Sarah Jessica Parker and Adam Moss

Admittedly, I did not know who Adam Moss was, before this panel. I did love his camraderie with SJP and she admired his work and vice versa. Of course, everyone wanted to hear about Sex and the City, but we also got the opportunity to hear her talk about filming her new series, Divorce, with Thomas Hayden Church. SJP also chatted about her other passion projects and took the time to answer several questions from the audience in a fairly intimate setting.

Pop Culture Trivia Game Show

This year's Pop Culture Trivia Game Show pitted the cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend against the cast of Orange is the New Black and was slightly less of a hot mess than last year's game show, where Casey Wilson and Adam Pally were pretty drunk as the hosts. The venue changed to the smaller space for this year and was CROWDED!

The anticipation level was high and the audience was ready for a fun show. I was sitting closest to the cast from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and enjoyed watching Rachel Bloom and Victor Rodriguez, III go nuts for the right answers and when their team was succeeding. The aucoustics sometimes made it hard to hear what was going on, but it was a fun event nonetheless.